Sunday, 6 January 2013

Snapshots from the Bible. Intro. Live Life~Love Life WK1

From a religious perspective I was brought up in an interesting family environment. My Mother is a stay at home Christian who enjoys the occasional Holy Communion... C.of.E. and my Father was an agnostic who spent years trying to find God but believed he had failed. My sister and I both attended church throughout our childhood and joined in with church life to the full. I was a little precocious in Sunday School asking deliberately challenging questions, some of which I haven’t yet been able to answer... not surprisingly as we were forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge!

My sister became a Christian in her teens and has served a faithful life spending over 10 years with her young family working to assist refugees in Austria. Her family moved back to England several years ago and continued their work with refugees in the Oxford area. They have recently changed direction slightly and moved into the field of voluntary work with prisoners, teaching a new programme helping prisoners to understand the impact of their crimes.

By contrast, I have had quite extensive periods in my life where God & church were everything, yet at other times have questioned the Christian viewpoint and can easily understand how an agnostic thinks. This is partly the reason for deciding upon studying, 'Snapshots from the Bible.' Last year, 'Live Life~Love Life' kept a very positive momentum flowing which we will be continuing in the general blogs however not necessarily in the same format. Another reason for undertaking this series is that my son is very keen to assist as he reads his Bible daily and it will be a great opportunity to spend constructive time with him and to get to understand his views.

We are aiming towards creating a thought provoking series and 'Snapshots from the Bible' is not a platform for stating controversial points of view, rather, I am looking at verses as they occur to me, or my Son, and seeing what thoughts God creates in our minds... How do the verses inspire us and do they have a practical application?

We would love you to feel involved and welcome your comments beneath the blog as it is by sharing with others we are able to grow.

We hope you will benefit from these mini studies. If you have any questions we can be reached at:

Jaz McKenzie

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