Angels speak... How Lorna Byrne’s life is an inspiration.


I give thanks for Lorna Byrne, author of ‘Angels in My Hair,’ for having had the courage to follow God’s commands throughout her life and do exactly as the angels bid. I believe that her story will have brought hope and enlightenment to many people across the globe.

There have been saints throughout the ages and without entering into a huge debate, my perception is that Lorna has walked in the presence of the Angels and of God Himself, always following God’s bidding and that certainly puts her aside from the rest of us.

I have always believed in angels, especially my guardian angel, so find it encouraging when Lorna tells us how easy it is to speak to angels and await their reply. Not only do we have a guardian angel whom we can call on, we have other angels who are able to help in any situation and simply await an opportunity. It is also worth remembering that angels like to be involved in our lives at all times, in times of joy as well as trouble.

Lorna’s description of being pulled towards heaven and the way she speaks about forgiveness have answered questions that I have previously been unable to get a reasonable explanation for, bettering my understanding of the love of God... I never grasped why it is implied that more people would go to hell than heaven- according to many faiths. God is love and God created us so I am thankful to discover that people generally repent and are accepted into Heaven. What a relief!

ABOVE: Lorna Byrne- The Telegraph
Forgiveness is quintessential to many religions and it is easy to speak of but hard to accept. We see some of our sins as being so terrible, it is hard to imagine how God, who is perfect, can repeatedly forgive. It can be a struggle to pull ourselves together and make the changes required in our characters. This takes us back to the support of angels, whom Lorna reassures us, join us in prayer- so your prayer power automatically doubles!

I have written the following poem to try and capture the self destructive aspects of our characters and how God will forgive, ultimately taking us beyond to the beauty of heaven.

Let Angels Speak!

Waters of destruction flow under the bridge
Soon the joys of tomorrow will come
The Springtime for growth in God’s people is here
Our barren and cold winter done.
Sins of the past will be laid to rest
The tombstone reads ‘Certified Dead.’
All that God gave us we used as we chose
Sometimes it was weakness that led.
Led us to places of which we’re ashamed
Cast aside in the light of His love
Sometimes we have to endure such pain
Oh to fly- the white wings of a dove

Yet our human suffering stops on this earth
When God draws us to heaven above.
All is forgiven and all is made new
In the light of His infinite love
Your angel is here to help show the way
And open your spiritual eyes
The joy of the Lord will give you strength
Whilst preparing for God’s great surprise.

We are Heaven sent
Earth spent
And divine we will arise!

Jaz McKenzie 2013 ©