Announcement~ Taking the plunge!!

Top of the Monument December 2012

I have read my poetry in public once before and it was somewhat scary being an open mic evening primarily aimed towards rappers and dancehall artists! Today, if you are in the Croydon area, you will be able to catch me reciting 'Piranah in the Goldfish Bowl,' (enter title in the search box to view) at the Croydon Clocktower library between 2-4pm. In order to share the flow of my poetry I am planning to do some spoken word audios or possibly a vidoe- if my son can spare a few moments to help out as he's very busy setting up his company Linking UK!

I am currently re-booting the Its Braap facebook page~ link to the right. Please visit and join. You can leave comments under the posts or add posts of your own.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone for your on-going support, particularly the people who call on our services. We are very pleased to assist by covering events or sharing poetry and other positive posts.

Have an amazing day.

Jaz McKenzie

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