Daniel Beaty - Knock Knock (Def Jam Poetry)

Incredibly strong poem, 'Knock Knock,' by actor/musician Daniel Beaty, speaking about the loss of his father who was imprisoned during his childhood... not certain whether this is a personal experience although it certainly sounds like it and gives us an enlightened perspective of absent fathers. Daniel's  first ever children's book has been based on Knock Knock and may fill a gap in many children's lives... published by Little Brown Books and available this year.

Daniel has definitely experienced success in his career, which may be due to his zeal for tackling the harder side of life, combined with a truly innovative flair. In addition to his children's book Daniel has helped create a spoken word ballet to be performed shortly by the Dance Theater of Harlem... fascinating and definitely one to go and watch. Daniel has written musicals and a film series, proving himself highly productive and has won a very prestigious award- here is the full description taken from the WIKI:

Theater Communications Group awarded Daniel the 2011 Peter Zeisler Memorial Award that recognizes an individual or organization whose work exemplifies pioneering practices in theatre, are dedicated to the freedom of expression, and are unafraid of taking risks for the advancement of the art form.

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open to see what else Daniel produces! One highly talented individual!

Jaz McKenzie.