Don't Take Your Eye off the Ball!

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We all know that this is a basic rule in any ball centred sport and that if you have a split second’s lack of concentration you can miss that all important opportunity to take possession of the ball and monopolize play for your team. So why is it that we can easily lose focus in our own lives?

I think that basic rule is, life is rarely constant. When we are in a good state of mind life rolls along, but being human we can be vulnerable to change and everyone has their own achilles heel which is guaranteed to tip the scales towards the negative. It is possible to remain in an essentially happy state however this is something that most of us have to work at and permanent change takes a while to develop. If our main quest is to be happy, as soon as we become aware that we are not feeling happy we need to identify why and do something about it!

Sometimes we are reacting to circumstances beyond our control which may appear insurmountable and really rock our world. Our personal responses are at our command. We have the ability to take control because our minds are extremely powerful tools. We usually react to things automatically, good and bad, with learned responses which will yield the usual feelings to match any given situation. People who are enlightened will realise that that we have the power to change those learned responses and will make a conscious effort to think things through and react in the most positive manner.

Other bad feelings occur as a course of our usual everyday actions. Sometimes we do things which will feed back into our negative bases, for instance, needless worry. We might completely misread a situation because we do not have all the facts, possessing limited knowledge about another person’s current situation. Things happen to other people which we may be unaware of and often we realise later how off the mark our assumptions were! It is good practice to try and keep an open mind until we know the truth behind something that has been bothering us.

Sometimes we develop negative habits which need to be broken. Occasionally people start giving out a list of ‘to do’s’ before they say good morning; maybe you keep checking things which feeds a form of neurosis/paranoia. Of course, some people have serious obsessive illnesses and may require proper medical help. Either way, these behaviours are undesirable and feed into our worry system. They need replacing with confident, positive behaviour patterns.

A way to start combating negative trends is to actively fill your mind with good feelings, being thankful for the good things in our lives and using positive words and phrases at all opportunities to embrace life. Try finding the best in all situations. If things go wrong it is and indicator that something somewhere in the situation is not right. It might be as simple as timing, too much or too little expectation or something totally off the radar that is upsetting the balance of life. Whatever the situation, a positive attitude, prayer and patience will usually reveal the best thing for us when the time is right.

ADVICE: To get the best out of live, stay in touch with your feelings and work on being happy and chasing your dreams.

Jaz McKenzie

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