Horrible Histories - Victorian Work Song.. review coming!!

~IB~ is using this an introduction to Horrible Histories- we will be reviewing the stage show tomorrow which was extremely different but fantastic, having a small cast who presented the Terrible Tudors... tonight they are busy with the Vile Victorians!

I can imagine how hard it is for children to relate to this as a real way of life- we can barely imagine it ourselves; a thought uppermost in my mind when walking around the older areas of London observing the little alleyways and imagining them in poor lighting as depicted on Jack the Ripper, to name but one programme. Yet poverty is still rife with many families today experiencing severe food shortages and poor housing, damp walls and so forth. At least a trip to the GP is free here in the UK and children receive free medication.

It cannot be said that the Horrible Histories glorify previous ages, they do not being a true representation of the facts and who knows how modern society will be depicted in years from now? Yes we believe ourselves to be civilized but the truth is we don't know what society will be like in the future. Some of the things we regard as normal might be viewed as appalling... how about sitting for hours in front of a computer screen whilst playing a game and not eating/ sleeping or toileting yourself properly? World of Warcraft took credit for that and some young people died as a result.

The crimes in our society are horrendous yet we sit glued to CSI and  action movies soaking it all in... these are just our ordinary everyday lives, never mind  looking at the true horrors in society.

So, who knows, we watch the Horrible Histories whilst we may well be living through a Horrible History in the making... perish the thought!!

Jaz McKenzie