Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rock To Art on the Rise!!

The unique sound of Rock To Art has been cutting new waves in the surf of the urban music scene. Sherlock Art, Reptile Rock and Tony Perry, trio of Rock to Art band members, have been delivering highly individualized drum and bass to their fans for quite a while with tracks of this genre previously released on their album, 'Songs of Joy.'

Currently Rock To Art’s music has taken another exciting turn as the band have progressed and extended their musical repertoire. Sherlock explains, ‘we open our music doors to a wider range of musical style but love is still the main topic. Love of the people, love life, love nature. It’s positive music’ To gain a full appreciation of their new style follow this link and listen to the latest single, ‘Crazy,' available on the SD Audio label You will soon be able to familiarize yourself with this interesting & punchy hip hop/dancehall mix.

Sherlock Art

Rock to Art are currently busy producing a new catalogue of tunes which captures their infectious style & cheerful personalities; planned releases taking us through to August. ‘Feel the Love’- original version + re-mix, definitely puts you into the carnival mood- a great thing for most of us considering the global weather! Speaking of carnival, I will post the collaboration of ‘Rum Punch,’ undertaken with fellow artist Pacso... a very interesting little number! Other new tracks to be sampled on the link below include 'Groove Me,' which will appeal to all those of you who love Shaggy's track 'Oh Carolina,' and 'Can't Touch My Style,' both of which are designed to get you up on the dance floor- highly recommended for your party play list. 'Never Gonna Let You Go,' ia an up-beat track of a romantic nature, again with universal appeal.

Rock To Art have enjoyed many personal appearances throughout the past year including a recent performance at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, delivering their new music which was enthusiastically received! A video of this performance in which they are suited and booted- love the look guys, will shortly be posted on our ~IB~ official page... link to the right!

Rock to Arts music can be purchased on both iTunes and Amazon:


Reptile Rock (Left) with Sherlock

We’ll finish with a little shout out from Rock To Art, almost a mission statement, to one and all:

'Peace to out the world. People to join and help the nation to survive- sharing and caring for others. All people are equal on the face of the earth.'

Jaz McKenzie

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