The Other Half- A thought inspired by Valentine’s Day!

It’s called conditioning. We are born into a society where we are expected to pair up once we have reached adulthood to form a stable and loving relationship with a lifelong partner. We know this often doesn't work to plan and maybe the reason is that society is putting the emphasis on the wrong part of the emotional equation.

The expressions, ’my other half,’ or ‘my better half,’ both have a way of implying that individuality weakens us by the very use of the word 'half.' They almost create a subliminal impression that you are incomplete as an individual which can encourage us to rely to some extent on our partners. Whereas a great relationship will include elements of partnership, if you are not complete within yourself, how can you expect to form a good relationship with another person and avoid relying on them too heavily? I think it has been hard for those born into traditional family systems where culturally women are expected to marry a man who will provide for them with both parties having pre-ordained roles. Once reliant it is not easy to break free and be self sufficient if the marriage dissolves at some point or you find yourself 'in-charge' for any other reason.

Every type of relationship has its advantages and disadvantages making it hard to be 100% content. Whatever your situation, the key is know yourself and find ways to interest, stimulate, organize and occupy yourself. There are practical considerations to be addressed and if you are single you will be totally responsible for all aspects of your life. The good thing is that we can gain practical help, advice and more importantly, work on our emotions and reactions, finding ways to enjoy life individually and with partners and friends.

The way I see it, halves do exist but essentially the world should be full of wholes!!

Jaz McKenzie