World's best Michael Jackson impersonator in Dubai + Ben Bowman as Michael Jackson

Here we have the recognized #1 Michael Jackson impersonator however, tonight there is competition from Ben Bowman's live show, guaranteed to be fantastic.. or Jackolicious!! Ben, who has also appeared worldwide, will be busy entertaining at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon tonight.

Ben Michael Jackson and his team of dancers will be thrilling the audience with great routines with  the atmosphere pretty electric as people will be looking forward to an exceptionally good performance.- Ben treated the public to a brief glimpse of his skills at the Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon and afterwards had a queue of people all wanting photo's taken with him, many requesting his autograph -we all know busy shoppers won't hang around just for the sake of it so you know he was goooooood!

Great to know that the Michael Jackson vibe is very much alive in the City of London & worldwide.

Jaz McKenzie