Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Be Braap~Be Blessed!!

Sometimes we just have to focus on all the good things in life- and the more we see… the more we see!!! Yes, this makes sense! Once you learn to open your eyes wide it is obvious that your peripheral vision will increase enabling appreciation of even more good things. It’s the basic rule of attraction, the rule being that once something comes into your existence you keep noticing more of the same- regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. I remember when I first wanted to have a baby… don’t you just notice very pregnant women with in a 100 mile radius?!?! If you discover a ‘new’ name, guaranteed it will pop up in the film credits within a couple of days- therefore the more good we see- the more good we will see.

Thanks and blessings go hand in hand and the same principal applies- the more thankful you become the more blessed you become.  When we notice more of the good we attract more good. If you take the basic concept of sharing, once we all give generously everything seems to stretch further. I think we develop greater generosity around others, so multiply that by 10 people and you happily cater for double the number.

You don’t necessarily have to DO anything to feel blessed beyond thinking a little about good things and the more we do this the easier it becomes. Sometimes I find myself giving thanks in anticipation and this is a blessing in itself as we will draw more good towards us. This can work through mental re-enforcement which heightens expectation and helps us to perform to our pre-set standards. Of course, the law of attraction always comes into play and can be used to our benefit.

If you focus on becoming a better person you will achieve and as we do this we have even more to be thankful for. Some people say the first thing you should do everyday is count your blessing… I find it hard to focus upon waking up and tend to wait until I’m out of the house!! As long as we don’t allow the day to pass without giving thanks  I guess we are maintaining focus and will continue to draw blessings towards us.

 Have a beautiful and blessed day!

 Jaz McKenzie
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