Snapshots From The Bible WK 9. Isaiah 7:9 Faith

Isaiah 7:9

‘If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.

DEFINTION OF FAITH (Hebrews 11:1) ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’

Very commanding words which we need to keep in our hearts and minds at all times.
We can be hesitant and waver in life, but when we have faith in God and faith in ourselves, no matter the challenge we will be able to rise to it and achieve more than we would have believed possible.

Faith generates confidence and is a tool which inspires us to keep on trying. When we have faith we know ‘we can.’ This can be seen when we study the great leaders of the world, with Barack Obama’s campaign slogan, ’Can we do it, yes we can,’ providing a prime example. People who have faith understand that there is no such thing as failure. Whatever happens in life is simply another means to a desired result and the reasons are often revealed with hindsight. This is why it is important to still give praise in the face of adversity whilst continuing to step forward in faith- preferable to taking a ‘woe is me’ approach. Of course you will get upset, angry, feel de-motivated and close to giving up or even feel that God might have deserted you; that is normal BUT faith will overcome all negative feelings and help us get back on track. This is beautifully demonstrated in the ‘Footsteps in the sand,’ poster. We are human which is exactly how God made us, yet at the same time we are made in the image of God and need to practice using our God-like traits.

What if God had created mankind and lost his faith in us? After all, Eve did bite that apple! If this were the case there would be no salvation, God would wipe His hand of this huge ‘lost cause.’ Instead, according to Christian religions, God sent His Son to save us and all religions believe ultimately in Heaven/eternal life. The fact is, there are seeds of faith planted within each and every one of us. Faith across the whole spectrum of life as we know it and beyond; it is up to us to examine everything we already know, reaching for new knowledge that will enable our lives to be lived to the full.

Most things in life are an act of faith. Consider every road you cross, you have a percentage chance of being run over, eating puts us at risk of food poisoning and so on. We take risks with our behaviour, health, finances, choices and ideas, expecting things to work in our favour. When we have faith we have the ability to see things through; to understand that the plan will unfold as it is destined. By contrast, when we lack faith there is a high chance of things going wrong because we fail to give things 100% attention and expect to experience difficulties.

Walking in faith means having high expectations of God and of ourselves and creating/accepting challenges designed to measure our steadfastness. Faith itself will not always be at a consistent level in our lives but we know we need it and the more we use it the stronger our faith will become.

Faith overcomes worry and doubt, helping us to keep perspective and strive forwards in all areas- without it, we are as nothing!

Jaz McKenzie

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