Blessed as a butterfly!

And what are you thinking?

I arose this morning expecting an interesting and exciting day.
Guess what? I had an interesting & exciting day!!
Why? Because the mood had been set inline with the agenda.

This butterfly is perched upon the plant expecting to sup its fill of sweet nectar and that is the attitude we need to acquire on a daily basis~ just like the butterfly! We need to expect to have a good day and not allow those little accidents or incidents to sway us. For me, today was a cocktail of work followed by a business show in central London.

A thought: most of us achieve a balance of work and leisure, sometimes managing to incorporate them at one and the same time... there's a lot to be said for streamlining our desired outcomes.

Business combined with pleasure must be the ultimate combination because we derive pleasure in a truly rewarding manner. It is a double blessing and the reason why some people will stick in a difficult profession sometimes against the odds. This is very true of musicians and actors who thoroughly enjoy working to entertain us.

If you want to feel good about your day you need to put the effort in. For example, if you know you have a great event later, don't be in a rush or stint on your normal duties, just prepare in advance so that you have plenty of time to arrive in a calm and collected manner. You are then in the perfect position to enjoy yourself and reap maximum benefit from the occasion. Do what you need to do and enjoy it!

Tomorrow I will be reviewing the business show that got me all wired up this evening, so until then- Be Braap~Be Blessed!

Jaz McKenzie