Life’s a challenge~ Are you ready?

Getting down to the task!

Today I am definitely not at my most inspired however the immediate challenge is to provide fresh blog content. Having been extremely busy recently I have run out of prepared blogs (help!!) so let’s use this opportunity to take a look at one way of stepping up to the challenge! 

  •  Let's get cracking!!!  First off, it’s freeeeeezing outside, so following a brisk and very short walk I’m in a position for step one… being thankful. In this case I’m thankful for being back in the warm, eating lunch and having a roof over my head. This is the first fundamental- reflection and thanks for good things will usually help lift your mood.
  • Next, onto Judge Judy- nothing better than something that puts a smile on your face! In other words, have a brief period of time doing something you enjoy to re-enforce that feel-good factor you have started to nurture.
  • Time to make decisions. What is your first priority? Address this if you have the energy, otherwise do something really quick to get you back in the working mode. Once you start working you will probably get into the flow.
  • Do a little preparation or something to motivate you and create enthusiasm for the task.
  • Set yourself a time limit and apply your best effort to completing the job in hand or reaching today’s target.
  • Complete the task & give yourself a pat on the back! 
Once you have managed to complete your task you should be settled and ready to face the next challenge! Good Luck and hope this helps~ 
Jaz McKenzie
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