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Rock To Art Website
What a fantastically bright day this is here in London making it the best possible time to announce the launch of Rock To Art’s official website! It is also a good opportunity as Rock To Art have gone back into this month's most viewed blogs so the guys are definitely getting it right.
The site has been cleverly designed to project the basis of Rock To Art’s ethos, giving a strong tropical/musical feel whilst projecting their message of love… check the website icon’s if you don’t believe me!! The Rock To Art logo is a piece of fun and energetic artwork, effectively transmitting the R2A Vibe… sorry guys, couldn’t resist it!
Rock to Art’s site includes all the expected traditional aspects of web marketing such as news, photo gallery, shop, music and links to relevant sites. I am impressed by the fact that besides sharing their music, Rock To Art have dedicated a page to sharing their faith, presenting a clear picture of Rastafarian beliefs effectively de-mystifying this religion for the general public. Rastafarianism is a very important aspect of their daily lives which runs throughout the way they approach their music, fans and basically everything they set out to do. You will come to understand this when you read about the basics which includes doctrine, law, codes and diet.
I really like the R2A website and vibe it generates, and I think that you will agree and see why Rock To Art and ~IB~ work so well together, both running on the same energies of love and positivity!
Jaz McKenzie
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