Snapshots From The Bible WK 16 Revelations 21:4~ Promise for the future

Week 16~ Revelation 21:4

‘And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.’

This is God’s promise for the future: for life in heaven. Why then do we have to go through so much agony here on earth? Equally, why does God put himself through the agony of watching us struggle day by day, having made us in His image?

Everything comes back to understanding natural order and balance. I am currently reading Ben Elton’s book, ‘Blind Faith.’ in which society has experienced the second flood and people are supposedly living a God centred life having totally lost the plot, re-interpreting and re-inventing the values of life. A world in which there is no privacy or freedom of thought.
By contrast, God knows that we need the opportunity to learn things ourselves and has given us reasoning and freedom of thought. The different experiences we go through in life are part of our growth curve, there to teach us by constantly challenging and re-evaluating our thinking. Revelation 21:4 speaks about our promised future, a future we can fully look forward to and appreciate based upon our current experience of life.

How would be able to fully benefit from the joys of heaven if we haven’t experienced the depths of pain? Without feeling pain we would not be able to relate to God’s pain or anger. I think it is important to remember that God helps us here on earth to handle our emotions and we should give thanks for all of our experiences as they are an essential part of us so cannot be denied. How empty we would be if we only experienced wonderful things- happiness, joy and excitement, all of which need the balance of fear, anger hurt and pain to be truly appreciated. Very often tragedy is the breeding ground for change and ultimately joy.

God did not put us in the world to be miserable. We are supposed to enjoy life and everything it has to offer, asking for the things we truly desire.  Bad things will happen but the secret is to keep things in perspective and always focus on the positives. We are responsible for ourselves and are free to choose the path we take and our attitude to life, keeping the promise of a perfect future within our site- no more fear and no more tears; no more pain to gain!!

 Jaz McKenzie