Blessings beyond expectation!!

This picture jumped out at me today, partly because I am really learning to expect blessings rather than just counting them!! That is why we are sharing it in the largest version available so that it almost jumps off the page!!

When we expect huge blessings we are appreciating our full worth which is very different from the half-hearted approach so many of us take. We can easily allow ourselves to feel undervalued, especially if we have developed low self esteem. Yes, I said developed because we allow ourselves to remain in this state until we realise that we have the power to change.

If you don't believe you are worthy you will continue to believe that you don't deserve things or, worse still, you deserve every bad thing that happens. This is not what life is about and certainly not what God is about! Blessings abound for those who believe and luck is for the many, not for the few because we have the ability to create our own luck. Belief is essential to achievement- if you don't believe then things are not likely to happen.

I would love a large version of this poster on the bedroom ceiling!! WOW~ wouldn't that be something to wake up to in the morning with a great reminder to say a few quick' thank you's' for another joyful day ahead!

Jaz McKenzie