Snapshots From The Bible WK 20~ Romans 3:23

Roman’s 3:23
‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ 

There are times when the obvious needs to be stated and we are certainly told our position as human beings in no uncertain terms. We have all sinned.  If we went through life and all we ever did was tell little white lies, for whatever reason, these are still sins in the eyes of God.

So what are the benefits arising from sin?
Yes, there is always a benefit within every situation! The benefit to the human race is that we have a common denominator which everyone can relate to irrespective of race or creed. We know how it feels to sin, we understand the emotions affiliated with it. We experience the burden of sin and how it drags us to new lows if we do not overcome our ways. Sin ruins lives or at the very least creates discomfort and mistrust within relationships.

How does God view sin?
God views every sin as an atrocity and every single sin is painful to Him. He gave us the Ten Commandments therefore it would appear that some sins are harsher than others but think of it this way:
No matter the size of the stain on your pure white table cloth, you will probably replace it rather than continue using it especially when entertaining. Fortunately, God does not reject us. Instead, He forgives sin and embraces the truly repentant in Heaven.

What lessons can we learn in the way we relate to each other?
One of the key elements is to refrain from judgement. We have all sinned so there isn’t one person on this earth who is in a position to judge another. It doesn’t matter how large or small your sins. AND if you think you’re not too bad, be thankful. Your physical life or moral standing are created as a result of your own thoughts and actions. We should be careful not to feel superior and have compassion for others. There’s a little sentence that says a lot, ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’

Finally, remember to be forgiving and do it willingly. This does not mean it is easy to forgive others or that forgiveness accepts what has happened; what forgiveness does is to acknowledge repentance and the need for peace. Forgiveness enables us to move forwards with love in our hearts for one another and the hardest part is doing our best to forget past grievances. 

Jaz McKenzie
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