Thursday, 9 May 2013

'The Message'~ a poem by Louis J Casson

I am sure many of you will recall reading the poetry series, 'Poetry Mechanics: A 'toolshed' in twenty paragraphs,' written for us by Louis J Casson. We are pleased to share another of Louis' poems with you, 'The Message,' which supports the ~IB~ ethos. Before reading it, let's see what the poet has to say about his work:
The inspiration behind the poem...

A comment against the prevalent commonplace nastiness going through life today; we should all try to be kinder!

The quote under the main title is from the poet Alexander Pope, amended a little “I am his highness’ dog at Kew, pray tell me Sir who’s dog are you?” In the poem it refers to those who act as agents for ill.

I’ll leave you with the thought, go out of your way to do some good today; show Hesed (lovingkindness) and Rechem (deep compassion). Bless you all
( "I am my master's dog of Kew...
Vile creatures. Cowards and bullies
playing games of hide n seek.
Sending out their puppets
with words they have to speak.
Fearful captives.  Useful idiot gophers
loyalty paid for, trapped,
the smart of tricked
on souls and shoulders when
the low unworthy bargains sealed
by rough hard hand
on shoulder slapped.
Free to stand. Perhaps to die, better than live
an ideals sacrificed pawn
chained upon my knees.
Stand also. Resist the ageless tide
of envy, hate low pettiness.
Shadows in all places
run through times like these,
times like these.
This poem © Louis J. Casson 2013
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