Sunday, 16 June 2013

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!! #28

'Let doubt be on the shelf and your dreams be on the table,' ~Jessie J

As we are focusing on 'The Voice UK,' today we will look at something Jessie J said to one of her artists last week. It is so easy to make room for our doubts when we should be focusing on our dreams. Doubts should be left on the shelf or shut in the closet as Jessie says. If you write out your dreams you can literally lay them on the table, think them through and plan how to achieve them.

Jessie certainly belongs on this programme and is an extremely hard working women, demanding the best from her team and pushing them to their limits- Good on you Jessie J, all in all a very inspiring woman.

Jaz McKenzie

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