Thursday, 27 June 2013

BLESSINGS~ Poem by Jaz McKenzie


Blazing brightly in front of our eyes
Or peeping out from every corner
The inspiration in blessings lie
Never leaving any stone unturned 

Forever abound-  around
Our very being, central to receiving
Joy, happiness or simply appreciation.
When we take a breath,
Breathing deeply, allowing our mind to flow
With increased consciousness

Filling us with gratitude
For all that we have
All that we are
And all that we will become

Can be seen in the beauty of a glorious sunrise
And the blossom bursting forth
Through the crusty bark of a slender tree.
A declaration of love projected from the heart
Or silently whispered words of apology

Are like the foaming white surf
Racing forth as  waves hit the shore
A natural phenomena arising from organic core
Propelled by natural force via a source
Of joy or twisted, sprung
From the depths of despair

Are bestowed on us
Anytime ~ Anyplace
Open your eyes and be part
Of the enlightened human race
Who know how to give and receive
In equal measure

Are more than a gift. A human right
So open your heart, mind and eyes
That you may see and acknowledge.
Believing that all good things are yours
By divine right.
Take heed and count your blessings daily
Rejoicing with thanks and praise

Are to be received with joy and shared,
So let your thoughts, words and deeds
Be a blessing to others,
Completing the circle of abundant living.
Peace, love and blessings to all mankind. 

Jaz McKenzie © 2013

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