Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How much attention do you give Your Inner Child?

How much attention do you pay to your inner child?

We hear  so much about child abuse and deprivation yet so often we fail to take proper care of our own inner child. The part of you that is often over-looked whilst you are busy catering for everyone else's needs and looking out for their feelings. So often our inner child remains under nourished as we go about our daily lives. We simply forget all about it.

Children have so much fun during their pre-school years yet it is not long before we impose adult standards upon children in a bid to encourage them to grow and learn. What we do effectively is to streamilne them and in so doing they lose much of their natural creativity. Children start to conform and at the same time their ability to experiment and be creative gradually reduces.

Most people tend to suffer as a result of the system and life becomes far too serious. Later as adults we have work, children, bills etc and lose ourselves in the process.

Stop and consider the things you really want to do in life. How many of your 'enjoyment goals' could you achieve if you made a little time for them? Sometimes life is about planning and at others about letting go. Have fun!! Re-enter the imaginative world of childhood by applying it to your life now. What do you really want? Spend time seeing life as you would really like it to boost your feel good factor and the things you want will ultimately materialise. Of course there is far more information available on this subject to do with the law of attraction.

You need to love yourself which can be quite difficult and some of the techniques may seem strange and awkward. We spend hours looking at ourselves in the mirror  for grooming purposes yet have you every thougth to say 'I love you XXX' (your Name)? This is a simple thing and yet it can be extremely difficult. If you haven't done so before, try it and watch all those negative thoughts about yourself rush into your head. The key here is to note them and start to deal with them in order to adjust your personal vision or opinion. We need to address issues to feel good about ourselves and increase self-esteem and happiness.

Your inner child is always with you and really does deserve some positive attention!

Maybe we will spend more time looking at this subject, but this should be enough to get you started!
~Out with the mirrors and the thinking caps!!

Jaz McKenzie

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