Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK23~ Psalm 52:22 Cast your burdens

Psalm 52:22

‘Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.’

This is a particularly poignant verse and one of the most frequently memorised. It is hard to contemplate the number of burdens that weigh us down in our lifetimes. So much so, that we would  not be able to stand under the weight. YET despite what happens to us we pick ourselves up and walk tall every time.
Clearly this process is aided when we ask for help with our burdens. The reassurance of divine intervention helps cease worry and keeps us in a positive frame of mind.

Many of life’s burdens we actually create ourselves through attempting to be self contained and handle things our way. A quick word to God can help us to make good decisions and move forwards in the right direction. We have free will but that does not mean we are supposed to isolate ourselves from the source, ie: God. A bulb can give light for a little while when it is powered by a battery but plugged into the mains, an endless supply of electricity proves a much more reliable source.

God is always there for us. When we are tuned in we give thanks through the good times and the bad. When we are not tuned in it is easy to move far away and become despairing. We were not created to be depressed or despairing. Just look at the beauty in the world to reassure yourself that we were made to be happy. Unfortunately through the application of free will we have created serious disharmony across the globe. This does not mean we have to live without harmony. Our lives are our sanctuary and we have the power to live as we choose. God is there to help us once we acknowledge our needs and tune into the fourth dimension.

Do not see your burdens as burdens. Instead, see them as challenges because the word challenge implies that you will take action instead of becoming overwhelmed. Prayer is a good action and allows us to relax and wait for guidance, which will come. Whatever your current ‘burden’s ‘ may be, keep them in perspective and always make time for thanks and praise.

Jaz McKenzie

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