Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Voice UK 2013 | Matt Henry performs 'Girl On Fire' - The

Playing catch up today on ~IB~ having had a very unusual week with no blogging time!! So today we will do more than the usual Sunday 'Snapshots from the Bible.'

Kicking off with an 'ON FIRE' performance from Matt Henry- who according to Will-I-Am looks more like his brother than his brother!! Yes we get that! This guy started out as a bundle of energy and has grown steadily week by week. Just love his performance of this contemporary song which definitely affected the hairs on many an arm. Matt is a very soulful singer and always makes an instant connection with his audience. All of the performances were exceptional. Leah McFall is very current proved by her incredible achievement, reaching #3 in the iTunes chart and has the potential to be a huge star. On the other hand, her style of singing is distinctive and she plays heavily with her upper range which is not everyone's cup of tea. I think you love her or hate her!! We must also remember that this programme is watched by a nationwide audience which includes people who never download music. We will just have to wait until next week, after all, the race is never over until its won.

Let's follow this with the clip of Will's team so you can see what we're talking about! Have to say, Cleopatra Higgins is still coming atcha... BIGTIME!! Think we'll blog her performance of 'Don't Let Go,' this week because she killed it! Shame she's now out of the competition but what a great singer.

Jaz McKenzie

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