Angel Words~ Is this a Coincidence or Divine Blessing?

A few months ago my son commented, 'Mum you're always mentioning angels in your poems, why's that?' The answer is simple, I believe in angels and their power to help and guide us.

Recently my friend Gemma told me about Angel cards and she brought some into work. Angel cards basically give you a message everyday. You ask a question, clear the cards, shuffle them and stop when you're ready. Sometimes a card will jump out and at other times you turn over the top card. This will give you guidance for the day and I have to say they are very accurate!

Yesterday I was using them with someone and put my 2 cards (quite often I feel compelled to pull out 2!!) back into the pack. Unusually, I had forgotten to write them down in the morning. I felt a little sad abut this as I am tracking them, so I cleared the deck and asked the angels to pull out my two cards. I shuffled expecting them to appear and one dropped out... you guessed it, that was the first card I had drawn earlier. I carried on shuffling and felt an urge to turn over the second card which was called, 'Energy Work. Looking at it, I suddenly recalled writing 'Reiki' on my board in the morning. Energy work refers to helping heal others and yourself initially.

This is super interesting because I had forgotten which card I pulled having left it in the pack all day. More interesting still, the reason I was doing a reading was because I was working with someone who needed emotional healing! Not only was this a coincidence, but the strategy I had designed to help her was spot on and has given her some serious ways of dealing with her current situation.

The question: Is this just a coincidence or is it a divine blessing?

I know it is a divine blessing because I was given exactly what I asked for, the same two cards! I would love to hear your opinions and more importantly, miraculous happenings. Please email so that we can share!! Thanks

Jaz McKenzie