Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Be A Realist~Expect A Miracle Everyday!!

These are two great slogans that encourage us to be brave and expand our thinking.
Firstly, what constitutes a miracle?
This will depend very much upon the way you look at life. Not every miracle is going to be huge. Sometimes we can experience little miracles that might not mean much to others but are miracles to us! Maybe something in your job went wrong and turned out to be a disaster. You go into the team meeting all fired up, expecting to be made the scapegoat, excuses at the ready but nothing happens. No-one points the finger of blame and the team accept the mistakes, deciding to forge a new way ahead. That might not sound like much but it's definitely a miracle to you. It is these little unexpected things that we really should appreciate because once we open up our channels of appreciation more good will flow through them.
Big miracles happen too. Maybe the sale of your house fell through and you thought you wouldn't be able to move into your ideal home; instead, going back to the drawing board  and starting all over again. Suddenly, you have a last minute buyer completely out of the blue and your move commences smoothly. That is a miracle. A personal example of this was many years ago when my child got into his secondary school by accident. The school office staff had mistakenly recorded him as a sibling- thank goodness as it was the only local school worth considering at the time and I had been praying for a miracle.
There are many people who recover from serious illnesses and accidents against the doctors predictions. This is where the two slogans meet. If you or your friends/family are seriously ill- demand the impossible. Nothing is impossible for God and if you truly believe you will get well there is a strong chance that this will happen. Sometimes you have a dream for your future which other people regard as ridiculous. If you believe in it and keep on striving, you will achieve the one thing that others regarded as impossible. Just about everything is possible when we believe otherwise there is no progress.
Most of us won't achieve everything we want in life  but when we look for miracles and strive for the impossible we will get far more out of it they we may have imagined. Instead of being content, we push ourselves to new levels, achieve more and will have a much more fulfilling life. Step outside your comfort zone and start expecting miracles and demanding the impossible NOW!
Jaz McKenzie
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