From Beckham to Barack!! 10 things these two great men have in common.

Fun with a serious side! Let's look at some of the distinct traits Beckham and Barak have in common-

  1. Balls, in both the literal and metaphorical sense clearly being the first to come to mind! Courage and determination are very necessary qualities if you wish to make the most of this life, helping you to tackle both obstacles and 'fear' of new situations.
  2. A clear sense of direction, not just in basketball or football, but in the game of life
  3. A plan! Sense of direction is one thing however knowing how you will set about achieving it is key to success otherwise you will simply remain running up and down midfield without an opportunity to score.
  4. Confidence in self. If you don't have a great deal of self-confidence it is not a problem. Confidence can be worked on if you have the balls!
  5. Trust in others. All successful people work in teams. Your job is finding the right team to work with so choose those you place your trust in carefully.
  6. Strong family ethics. You can never place too much importance on the power and support of your family. If your family relationships are in turmoil, do not procrastinate. Find help, information, personal support and make decisions.
  7. Focus. Never take your eye off the ball! Focus intently on what you want to achieve and it will happen.
  8. Respect. Whether you love or loathe Beckham and Barak they still command respect. When you know who you are, what you stand for and stick by your principles you will command respect 
  9. A sense of humour. Life has to have a fun side or there would be nothing to smile about! 
  10. Self-Love which is the most empowering character trait a person can have. Once you love yourself you will only seek out the best that life has to offer and do your best to make the most of every opportunity. When you genuinely love yourself for all the right reasons, you will love others and develop a real, deep seated desire to help them on their life's journey.

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Jaz McKenzie
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