Got the Monday Morning Blues?

Monday Morning Blues?

Believe it or not, there is a way of beating the Monday morning blues.

In fact, you can pretty much beat the everyday blues and it’s called, ‘rising with expectation.’ Getting up early and allowing yourself time to acclimatise to the new day is definitely the answer!
This is an age old concept that has been left on the shelf as today’s lazy-minded attitudes have sprung up. In actual fact, we are so busy with our demanding technological lifestyle that we actually become very tired. Many of us spend hours in front of a computer and not only in the office!
In days of old, people rose early to tend to their animals, do all the household tasks by hand and so forth. Sadly, we have the technology to alleviate intensive labour however the need to be available 24/7 and reach our worldwide audience has cut into the ‘free-time slot,’ therefore some people are more exhausted than ever. Once tired, the thought of getting out of bed can become distinctly challenging and we grapple to spend those extra minutes in bed after the alarm has sounded.
Most things in life are basically common sense and early rising is no exception. Preparation and routine are always key, so we need to merge the two effectively ensuring that we are in control of our time. Once we are in control we are able to perform well and meet our targets and desires: an organised schedule creates time for leisure activities.
Once your alarm goes off,  get up! Sometimes it is easy and at others, challenging. A good routine includes giving thanks for the new day and all good things, putting your mind into a positive zone. Good habits create more good habits. It also means that you should have time to check essentials before leaving the house- no more dashing back for your phone which was inadvertently left in the charger!
To beat the blues we need feel good factors. More time enables you to enjoy the morning and you may be able to do little extras such as walk through the park on the way to work, read a chapter from your book in peace, meditate or exercise for a few minutes. Just focusing on the day and having time to mentally run through it helps prepare you and once again you take control.

Finally, expect the best from the day. Know you have or can find out answers to challenges and enjoy each moment. We create our lives and allowing time to do so ensures a better outcome!
Jaz McKenzie
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