How to get the best from your day~ You Know Its Braap!



It's very simple really, just focus on what you are doing NOW and deal with distractions promptly!

When we focus we achieve and achievement creates a positive feeling which attracts even more positive feelings. As you go through the day achieving, you will build up momentum and your output significantly increases. Incidentally, your confidence in your own abilities will increase as a result which feeds back into the achievement loop.

Sometimes we have little tasks to do and may be tempted to rush into them... Big Mistake~ I know! Been there, done that and shredded the evidence- countless papers- upon discovering I have missed things out- NOT GOOD! Far better to take a minute to assess a task so that we can go about it in an organized manner. Information gathering up-front prevents errors. We will also learn how to time our work when following a system because it is the errors that eat up our valuable time.

It doesn't matter what you are focusing on either. It could be something as simple as relaxation or meditation. Everything you consciously put into your life should be a worthy contribution and will acquire added value when undertaken with love and care. Let's take meditation for example. I am a beginner and am finding it hard to prevent my thoughts from wandering. When making an effort to focus I realise more quickly when I'm drifting from the core task: This realisation enables me to re-connect with it quickly. Ultimately the act of focusing frees up time for something else and erases frustration.

The ultimate reward for focus is an abundance of things to be thankful for, so when you pop off to bed you will be on a positive note without the need for worry and can benefit from a good night's sleep.

Jaz McKenzie

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