I Give Thanks~ A poem to help us express gratitude for life

You can use this poem to help you tune into yourself and the world around. It should help you to create a wonderous, appreciative and thankful frame of mind. Add your own verses or thoughts!

I give thanks for the gentle breeze stroking my cheeks
Passing through an open window and snatches of early morning light 

I give thanks for the sweet chirps of the dawn chorus
Setting a joyful, natural tone, enlivening my awakening
I give thanks for opening my eyes slowly this new day
Privileged to be in a clean, dry, warm, safe place

I give thanks for all trees by the roadside, in open parks
To view freely their beautiful intricate trunks and outspread branches 

I give thanks for a world full of rivers, streams, oceans and seas
Still calm waters verses the crash of waves upon the shore, soothing me

I give thanks for the creation of colour, aesthetically pleasing
Whose power can change our minds and attitudes, creating positive flow 

I give thanks for all natural phenomena put here specifically for man
The flowers, animals, rocks and resources each serving us throughout the day

I give thanks for mankind, the power and wisdom to create
Art, technology, systems, the written word and all great things 

I give thanks for me. My body, mind and soul a thing of beauty
Striving to reach the destiny of my inner being 

I give thanks for the immortal trio LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT
Touching, healing, imbibing, re-juvenating our inner energy

I give thanks for this beautiful new day full of opportunity
Greeted with a sense of excitement and renewed energy

I give thanks for all that is within me, evolving slowly
Until I glow with the pure essences of peace, love, joy
I give thanks for the privileged realisation that we are here for one another
We are born equal and will dwell together in one kingdom throughout blessed eternity

I give thanks for death, a natural transition
Leading to the place where joy reigns eternal
And love abounds

Jaz McKenzie
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