Please watch this video ! It is beautiful . Might just make you cryy..

Here we have a wonderful example of the joy of children, pets and communication! Those little moments when understanding shows no bounds. We looked at the wisdom in using our words with care yesterday and this video is a brilliant example of how attuned we can be to those around.

This week we could observe the silent communication occurring around us and see what lessons can be learnt. How do we look walking up the street? What do our posture, our steps and our facial expressions convey to others?

When we listen to others properly our body language will reflect understanding and show empathy letting them know how much we care, how tuned in we are to their view point, whether we agree or disagree with their ideas.

Everyday we meet new people and also move amongst friends, family and colleagues. Sometimes people will feed back to us, 'what's the matter?' before we even speak! When in doubt we can ask how we come across and ask for advice. Our level of confidence is easily portrayed to others so it is always good to be prepared for each and every situation, researching new situations where possible.

Time to press replay and experience a few joyful moments between boy and Labrador!!

Jaz McKenzie