Friday, 26 July 2013

Poetry by RUMI -- Only Breath

Remarkable poem from the 13th Century which is set to the rhythm of breathing with the hint of a heart beat. Very meditative and gets you into the flow before the poem is recited. In a way, it puts our lives into context within the universe and spans far more than breathing itself.

Breath is elusive and cannot truly be captured, the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide mingling within the atmosphere, transparent, life giving. To breath properly and have full control of our breath is almost an art at times! Good breathing helps us to be in command of our bodies and emotions, being used to advantage in times of stress or other demands.

It is also something that we might not cherish, just taking it for-granted until we literally draw our last breath! Maybe we should give thanks in the morning and the evening for all of our basic bodily functions, and always live with the expectation of great health.

Jaz McKenzie

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