Monday, 15 July 2013

toy story - you've got a friend in me music + +!!

We're having a complete change of style today with this very jolly song on an underlying blues beat!
This is such a great concept, putting joy into the blues and through doing so really hammers home the message that when you are down, change the script. Simple and effective technique that requires practice.

When you think about it, we should all sing this song to ourselves! You need to be your own best friend. Consult yourself, advise yourself, cheer yourself up, talk yourself out of your own fear, help yourself relax when facing anxiety or stress, treat yourself on a regular basis, take yourself out once in a while. Everything is about the way we view ourselves and our approach to life... enjoy the happy moments and on other occasions choose to employ mind over matter- and never forget, we should be the first person to come to our aid!

Not only is it a fantastic thing being your own friend, it is equally good to be a great friend to others. When people know you are reliable, can be depended on to give sound advice without pushing your point of view and know how to keep a confidence, they will value your friendship extremely highly.

To be a great friend and to have great friends makes life worth living-why? Because friendship means sharing the good experiences too. If we choose our friends wisely spending time with positive people whom we trust and enjoy being around, we create a great foundation to daily living. True friends will always be there for us and together we create the best experiences and memories in this beautiful game of life. Hold onto your friends and enjoy the ride!

Jaz McKenzie

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