Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes From Real People!! #31

'Children don't see the rust, they only see the roller coaster!'~ Sara Cox Radio one DJ

Yesterday, as I was in the car driving to the seaside and listening to Radio one, Sara Cox was talking about a recent trip with her children to an amusement park. Sara said she was looking around at the general state of the place and thinking how run down it had become but of course the children didn't notice. She commented that her children were very excited because, 'children don't see the rust, they only see the roller coaster.'
Sara Cox
This struck me as such a fantastic comment for two reasons:
  • children are constantly filled with the excitement of life. They live life instead of analysing it all the time. Children are constantly on the look out for new experiences living and learning.~ If only we could take this approach we would enjoy ourselves much more.
  • children rarely notice flaws and are not as judgemental as adults
There is a huge lesson here called, 'looking past the faults and seeing only the love.' If we can do this in both our everyday experiences and communications with others we would improve our quality of life and also other people's, helping to build them up instead of knocking them down.
I love the fact that Sara was speaking about roller coasters. A roller coaster gives us exciting experiences and fills us with the thrills of life~ I definitely think that children have the right idea! Why not start to living more like a child looking beyond the faults for the best life has to offer and drawing our strength, hope and joy from the positives.
Jaz McKenzie
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