Be Braap~Be Inspired!! Real Quotes From Real People #30

'expectation becomes reality in order to satisfy the subconscious' ~ Jaz McKenzie

How many times have you heard the expression, 'be careful what you wish for?'
There is a great deal of truth attached to this, beginning more with the how rather than the what! How we wish is important, and by stating exactly what we want whilst really believing that we have already achieved the desired outcome, our dreams reach fulfilment.
Words are powerful. Your subconscious mind starts working like a computer with the power of the universe generating people and circumstances to surround you and help bring your beliefs in. If you expect the worst~ you will get the worst. If you expect the best~you will get the best.
Your daily aim should be to make every thought count! Once you get the hang of it, blessings abound. You may have to go through serious trials in order to reach your desired outcome, during which time we are stretched and learn many valuable lessons.
If you want to make that change, start now!
Jaz McKenzie
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