For all the Movers & Shakers!!!~ Stevie Wonder-'For Once In My LIfe'

This is a nice cheerful song for a Saturday dedicated to all the people who have found their true course in life and have the made the decision to live life to the max!!! It also coincides with the London Peace Walk- love makes a difference so join us if you can: London Peace Walk Details If you can only pop down this afternoon for the events in the peace garden that would be great! Ends 5.30pm.

We all have good times and hard times along the way but if you sort your life out, all the right elements will fall into place. One of life's major lessons is that we need to let go before we can move ahead. Scary - YES, but the rewards are huge. Mental freedom is truly the key to living the life you want, being who you feel you are destined to be. Once that happens you will draw to you all that is yours through your vibrations. The right people, the right projects, the right locations, the right use of your precious time. All will come with perfect timing and you will see the difference.

Have a beautiful Saturday and here's to peace!!!

Jaz McKenzie

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