London Peace Walk~ What do we want- Peace on our streets!!

What do we want? Peace on our streets!~When do we want it? NOW!!!
SATURDAY 17th~  #VX2BX (Vauxhall to Brixton)
Setting out from Vauxhall 12.30pm
The first London Peace Walk was a blessed event as all who took part will testify. For a start the weather was beautiful which encouraged participants all of whom were totally dedicated to the cause with enthusiasm and intensity.
Media shots before the peace walk
Before setting out we were introduced to Tracey Coleman from the organisation, The Way To Happiness, who helped co-organise the peace walk. They distributed a FREE booklet 'The Way to Happiness,' giving down to earth advice on how to improve the quality of your life in 21 steps- definitely a true coming of age! This was the group's personal message and you can order  your copy by contacting

Lee Jasper leading the chants!
Passing through Brixton's Angell Estate
Young people want PEACE too!

We made our way through Vauxhall to the honking of horns, past The Oval (wow- amazing place,) Stockwell and finally Brixton- taking a 'water break' in the middle of the notorious Angell Estate. It was great having a few young people turn out to support peace, some of whom took turns using the megaphone to request peace; following the lead of veteran race relations activist Lee Jasper. We discovered that people attended the walk from as far away as Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham, so look out for it next year and let's add more places to the list!
The final stretch walking up Brixton Road
Following the last few metres we came to St Matthew's Church Peace Garden at around 2.15pm ready for the afternoon activities. The smell of barbeque lunch drifted across the gardens and was soon in full flow during the recess, a natural opportunity to mingle.
Simon (left) and Leo Muhammad
The last part of the afternoon, when the rains finally fell for a short while, was devoted to activities on the stage. Presented by Leo Muhammad - Mr Edutainment, comedian (rising to fame in the TV show 'The Real McCoy.')  and activist. Leo also devotes some of his time to supporting a youth organization in Harlesden. Music and PR were provided by Roger Doubler Russell of Doubler R Media and surprisingly a couple of people were bold enough to dance!
Omega Radio Team
Team members from Omega Radio gave a short talk about their weekly show OMEGA RADIO Sun 12-2pm which promotes a positive life style for youth- so encourage your teens to tune in!
We were very fortunate to be entertained by Thai The Magician, who at the age of 14 gave a very slick performance. Thai has a natural ability to communicate effectively with the audience and clearly has expertise in his chosen field. It was a treat to see the police participate in Thai's act, adding to the sense of peace and harmony created throughout the day.
Thai working his magic to everyone's delight

Sorry I tricked you officer!!
The event was rounded off with us all raising our hands and taking a peace pledge, led by Simon Muhammed, UK Peace Keepers President. Simon shared a message of support received from Captain Dennis, Founder of the Peacekeeper movement which started in the USA. The New York City annual peace walk now has around 1000 participants and like the UK started off small.
The timing of the first London Peace walk was brilliant, held on Marcus Garvey's Birthday- what better day could there possibly be for us to rally in the name of peace! Simon raised people's spirits by expressing the belief that world peace is achievable if we as individuals are prepared to make the necessary changes in our own lives, live for peace and share our beliefs and expectations with others.
To read Simon's speech and interview, check the following links:
We hope you will continue to pray for peace in your own community and the world in general. If you are interesting in setting up a Peacekeepers group in your local area, contact the Peacekeepers UK or USA for further information. It really should be a worldwide organisation!
Jaz McKenzie
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