Pause For Thought!- Music a moral law?

Music is many, many things but I have never thought of it as a moral law. Music gives soul to the universe~ or has the universe created music to enhance our souls? We need music to help express our feelings, to lift our moods and sometimes to help create an atmosphere that reflects a common goal. Here we witness the power of the anthem, music claimed by a particular country , school or alternative group representing a special bond.

There are so many different types of music, all of which may accompany different forms of activity. We move to the beat of life, are inspired by natural rhythms and will take rhythm and move to it- sometimes in formalised ways such as choreographed works and at others, in pure free-flow. Music is a common bond that can unite- alternatively, music can divide.

Our souls are inspired by music, sometimes resulting in a tears of joy or despair when a particular vibe is perfectly tuned to our emotions. Music is also connected with Angels and Heaven, giving it a life of its own beyond our imaginings.

How is music a moral law? Maybe in that it's a human right to be able to enjoy music in the same way we that we meet other needs. Music is a basic need- to appreciate this comment think of a world without notes, beats, rhythms; almost an impossibility.

Once music becomes a song we are moving on to a whole new level. The power of words combined with the power of music is an awesome combination permitting maximum expression- as in music and dance. Most of us who cannot sing (HMMMMMM LOL) have still dreamt of having this gift and are a mite envious of all you nightingales!!

We speak about soul music but maybe we should stop to consider that all music has soul, whether we like a particular genre or not. The reason is that it touches something within the people who do appreciate it. Music is an integral part of our lives creating special memories or marking milestones. It is universal yet may be claimed by a particular generation, interesting don't you think?

I guess we can say music is and was and ever shall be the food of life!  Music is immortal~ AMEN

Jaz McKenzie