'Sunshine on my shoulders'~ John Denver

A lesson in how to give a gift whilst appreciating a gift! There are many songs mentioning sunshine but this one is special. You really feel the benefits of sunshine and the uplifting effect it has.

John's true song writing skills are at play here conveying basic emotions in a simplistic way- very clever lyrics. After all, what more can you really wish for in this life than a beautiful day and a beautiful song when you are with someone you love? Beautiful days are of far greater value than diamonds and are highly individual, creating special memories. John Denver was an artist who painted pictures with his words, a great contributor to the lives of many with his special gift.

Just imagine having a life of sunshine with the person you love meaning that every day is as perfect as possible! We can try to do this by applying a new perspective and putting 'self' away. This is not being a doormat, it simply means we are not the centre of our universe therefore things do not have the same ability to annoy or upset us. It if you need a reminder about your self worth, check this link!
It's All About The 'I'!! One of ~IB~'s top reads.

Today was sunny and beautiful. The sea was warm despite the wind so that was a perfect day! Let's enjoy the sunshine and give thanks for life, love and all good things!

Have a beautiful and blessed new week.

Jaz McKenzie

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