Sunday, 10 November 2013

Big Band Sunday Vibes!!!

Just for once we're having a total change and going down the secular route on a Sunday. X-Factor has reached week 5 of the live shows which is big band night and I was curious to see what Rough Copy (Blogged previously) would come up with.

Hit The Road Jack

There were many great performances last night but this was super slick and I think Ray Charles would love the modern twist given to his song, 'Hit the Road Jack.' Unfortunately the video is not great quality so it's worth checking out their TV performance-but it's good enough to share the fun vibes. A superb arrangement giving the song a twist, as Sharon Osborne mentioned. This group will be a winner regardless of the outcome of the show. Pure professionalism! And the guys outfits are even more spectacular than usual in keeping with the Rough Copy distinctive style.

Jaz McKenzie

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