Sunday, 12 January 2014

Haiti Four Years On.

Four years ago the world was shocked by Haiti's almost total devastation following a monumental earthquake. There were many fundraising activities and projects in full swing with everyone doing their part to help in a pretty hopeless looking situation. I am sure we all recall the feelings we experienced at the time so it is really good to see some smiling faces and be assured that devastation gives way to hope.

The pain of loss will always be with those who were directly affected by the quake and whilst life goes on it is good to know that many organizations use their expertise and continue working away in the background. There are many reports available as 12th January marks the anniversary of the earthquake and Oxfam's account of the original situation and progress made during the past three years is extremely clear giving a good overall perspective. Please note that current information from Oxfam is available on twitter  OXFAM - HAITI 4 YEAR PROGRESS 

These are the main aims Oxfam is focused on accomplishing:
As a result, Oxfam´s current work in Haiti is focused on longer-term development, promoting sustainable change. All programs are based on the following rights´ based aims:
  • The right to life and security: facilitating safe and decent housing in healthier and safer communities.
  • The right to a sustainable livelihood: strengthening food security through agricultural livelihoods programs, focusing specifically on small farmers and women-led enterprises, and emphasizing climate change resilience and awareness.
  • The right to essential services: building stronger and healthier communities by supporting the construction of long-term sanitation services;
  • The right to be heard: supporting community groups and women leadership at community level to strengthen their links with government authorities and local NGOs, through empowering and engaging activities.
  • The right to an identity: facilitating opportunities for displaced Haitians, especially women, to reintegrate into the society-at-large.
When you consider Oxfam's report it makes you wonder how much more progress could have been made if Haiti had benefitted directly from all monies donated. This report makes very sad reading, especially as many people sacrificed in order to help: Unaccounted US FUNDS

Ultimately, there will always be greed and corruption in this world but our job is to care and give joyfully to those in need.

Jaz McKenzie

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