Saturday, 25 January 2014

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

Great song here from Simply Red. Sometimes we are tempted to try and hold back the years yet life is really about moving forwards. Yes we can re-visit and gain a great deal of pleasure from memories, but the secret of life is to live in the moment and draw as much joy and blessings as we can from it on a daily basis.

We live best and are happiest when we accept life rather than fighting against it. We all have good and not so good phases in life; things to face over which we have no control. Maintaining flexibility in the way we view things is extremely important and can enable us to accept things more openly and make the best of every event and situation. There are times when it is best to keep our opinions to ourselves and work within situations rather than fighting against them, especially when others would clearly benefit from support.

You can never hold back the years but you can make them worth remembering and aim to make the most of every situation.

Jaz McKenzie

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