Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sugar Minott~ join us for some Lovers Rock

~IB~ enjoying a trip down memory lane with the late, great Sugar Minott as we indulge in some Lovers Rock. Of course, there are many excellent artists around today continuing the legacy of this era alongside the modernisation of other forms of classic reggae music. Sadly it is generally the more commercial sounds which hit the charts or receive frequent airplay yet we live in the hope that authentic reggae will receive more accreditation and be aligned properly with other popular genres.

Reggae is very much alive and there are always a number of events which you can attend to hear live reggae music from bands and solo artists alike. We have interviewed different artists and exposed some lesser known music previously on ~IB~. If you wish to share music or information relating to exciting reggae events please contact us:

Have a blessed day.

Jaz McKenzie

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