Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dread Daze Protection Official Music video

Dread Daze is an extremely diverse California based band whose pride in their message and music shines through. Under the scrutiny of Najashi, lead vocalist, the guys produce a consistently high quality mix of reggae, hip-hop and rock inspired tracks. They are totally unique- which is quite an achievement and has earned them a worldwide dedicated fan-base. Not only do Dread Daze have a track called, 'Running Around The World,' they've certainly done a fair amount of it themselves in recent years taking an energetic approach towards presenting deep, thought provoking songs.

'Protection' proves how they have succeeded, getting straight to the heart of the matter by telling us that regardless of how bad things in the world become we have a responsibility to our own children and youth as a whole. We need to be there for them, protecting and guiding in the right way. The care-free nature of children which should be actively encouraged is cleverly emphasized against a backdrop of abomination.

Najashi has always been alarmed by the way the commercial companies churn out shallow music and messages that are readily soaked up, especially by the young and is determined that Dread Daze stay true to their core belief - we need to speak up to make people listen and instigate change.

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Jaz McKenzie

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