Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feel The Rainbow~ Short inspirational poem by Jaz McKenzie



Close your eyes and feel the rainbow
Beautiful arch stretching like a morning yawn
Feel its colours flowing into the corners of your mind
Bands of colour, ribboned, perfectly aligned
A natural flow of energy revitalising
Bold, strong and clear
Those parts you just cannot reach- the inner you-
Yet quickly fading
Red, orange, yellow and green
Could this be an illusion?
Blue, indigo with a purple crown
Reality- held ,suspended?
Rays of light shimmering
Tantalisingly beyond reach
And promises
Promises- the pot of gold
Gold, the substance of dreams
The mind, Key to reality
Turns slowly to unlock the dream
Revealing your visions and hopes
Live beyond the rainbow!

Jaz McKenzie 2014 ©
NOTE: This poem is not based on a traditional rainbow, it seeks inspiration from the 7 chakras, energy centres within our bodies which work with the mind to help you obtain all that you envisage in your life. Go ahead and create your own reality. Jaz McKenzie
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