Have Questions~Have Answers #6- What's Love Got to Do With It?

The title of a famous Tina Turner song yet there are times in our lives when we can lose sight of the true meaning of love or even love itself.

If you want to know what love has to do with it, try to imagine your life without love. To me, that is asking the impossible. To imagine life without love means we need to strip away a huge part of our everyday life- the good bits and remove the majority of our emotional responses. Think back through your day- what acts of love have you witnessed? What words have been spoken?

Love is not all about those 3 little words, 'I Love You.' In fact, where love exists those words are totally un-necessary because we can feel love, it's simply there. The problem is that we don't necessarily tune into it or recognise it for what it is. As I mentioned in my Valentines article,'Valentine's Love~ How Does Valentine's Day Make You Feel? we often tend to judge love according to our personal expectations, learned attributes, therefore can be left feeling let down and unloved if we are not treated as we wish/expect. Taking this a step further, if we treat people who have different views and expectations in the way we wish to be treated they could be left feeling very uncomfortable!

It is through the little things in life where love is frequently expressed. Helping others when it doesn't suit you to do so- working extra hours when you have additional commitments, doing things you dislike, helping someone decorate when you feel exhausted. All these little things are acts of love, love being the key to making life flow.

Love may also be a case of recognising when to do nothing or say nothing so that others are free to express themselves, after all, there can be a thin line between guidance and interference.

If love had nothing to do with it the world wouldn't last long because hate leads to destruction. All our negative emotions come from a lack of love, If you are about to say rubbish- love is one of the greatest causes of envy and jealousy I will have to disagree. Lack of self love leads to a lack of self confidence and this is the true home of envy and jealousy. This is why it is important to look for the good in every situation and ultimately see the love. Love.is the answer- but sometimes we simply fail to ask the right questions.

Jaz McKenzie

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