Wednesday, 26 February 2014

To work with disabled people or to help disabled people work? Our choice!


When we think of disabled people I suspect that the image most likely to jump into our minds is this:

Following the 2012 Olympics our estimation of the abilities of people who suffer an obvious disability or impairment was challenged. We gained a new realisation of what can be achieved when disadvantaged people choose to ignore their disability and put all of their energy into achieving above and beyond the average person. Why then do we not consider that your everyday disadvantaged person may wish to do the same and test their personal ability to carry out and hold down a job?

There are people who enjoy care-giving within the home or institutions, however most of us are able to care deeply for others and possibly be in a position to help the disadvantaged to help themselves. Everybody has something to offer and sometimes it's a matter of looking a little deeper at people's less obvious skills, interests and general characteristics to see how we can help them fulfil a useful role within the world of work.

South Thames College takes this challenge seriously and has linked with other organisations, creating a seminar to introduce this concept to employers. I work in childcare and decided to go along and was very impressed hence am writing about this subject and wish to look at it on ~IB~ in more detail. It is definitely an area that could do with greater exposure and if you have any experience or involvement in this area please contact

 I will post the seminar details separately for reference, so if you can attend your presence will be welcomed. If you wish to have more information I am sure the college will be happy to help and put you in touch with useful organisations.. If you would like to consider employing from this sector there is plenty of help available making it a far easier process than you would ever imagine.

Jaz McKenzie

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