Monday, 17 February 2014

What's love got to do with it - Tina Turner

Nobody does it like Tina Turner!! Instantly recognisable and alive with energy, the vibration that is Tina Turner cannot be ignored. Tina is a very 'real' person who led a colourful and determined life, deserving the fame she achieved for her powerful songs and performances- once seen never forgotten.

So often success is based on foundations of pain, neglect or even abuse by people whose spirit is so powerful they will always overcome adversity. Some people are born into prosperity- congrats to Simon Cowell & partner on the birth of baby Eric; wonder what life holds for this little one- and how disgusting that some papers apparently referred to the newborn as ugly- get real you're knocking a defenceless child.

Many times in life we learn the lesson that less is more and to pay attention to what we have rather than yearning for the things we lack. Thankfulness takes us on a journey to prosperity more quickly than moans and complaints.

Personally I love Tina Turner's music- such a terrific husky rock voice singing a catalogue of strong, popular songs including the catchy, 'Proud Mary' and ;Rag Doll.'

Love has everything to do with the music industry; if you don't love it you certainly won't dedicate a lifetime to it! Respect to Tina Turner and everything she has achieved.

Jaz McKenzie

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