Monday, 10 February 2014

Will Smith shares his secrets of success

If you wish to learn something in this life, go to those who are already successful in your chosen field. Why? Because the successful have tried and tested ways of achieving the results they want and ultimately save you a great deal of time making mistakes. We will still make some mistakes but it is good to have a plan prescribed by the best!

Will Smith tells us how simple life is- love life and aim for what you truly want. What is interesting is the way Will defines the difference between himself and others in that he has a ridiculous work ethic and is a perfectionist- sound basis to work from and the key is that we can be what we want to be and create what we want to create. Take a chance and shape your own life and remember, don't restrict your vision- realistic vision is a metaphorical pair of handcuffs!

Jaz McKenzie

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