Sunday, 20 April 2014

A TIME FOR NEW BEGINNINGS~ Poem for Easter by Jaz McKenzie


It's a time for new beginnings
Amidst fluffy bunnies, Hot cross buns
And chocolate eggs in calorific abundance!
Centre stage: Cake, sweet cakes
with chocolate nests completing
Modern trappings of celebration
Eagerly awaited and joyfully shared.

Celebration for celebrations sake
Provides a major opportunity to over-indulge
Under the banner of a ready made
Commercialised excuse- It's Easter time;
The proof is in every shop window
along the parade
Whilst churches embrace a somewhat
Swollen congregation for duties sake
-and possibly their place in heaven.

Truth at the very heart of Christianity dictates
New beginnings, as the foot of the cross await.
Arise to claim victory over mortality
Born again, walking the long hard path
Reaching eternity
Claimed in Jesus name
Power immortalised

New beginnings~ physical, emotional, spiritual
Your needs and desires waiting-
Ignore or fulfil?
Individuality is key to personal choice
Listen carefully to your inner voice
Making sure to approve 
Every action
Before making your pre-determined move.

Jaz McKenzie

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