Sunday, 27 April 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers # 15- Is it Crazy to Talk to your Plants?

Sometimes it’s good to consider subjects that have created much debate and this is a classic!
Once upon a time I would have thought this a bit mad plants don’t have ears however, I have since learnt that along with every single thing in the universe, plants are busy vibrating constantly and will pick up your vibrations, putting us on an accessible wavelength. I know people who talk to different objects as well as their plants because they understand this principle. I think most of us may well have apologized to a chair leg inadvertently before now when we have accidentally ‘kicked’ something, but then again, why not?
Besides plants, it is also considered crazy to talk to yourself, yet sometimes it can help to discuss things with yourself so as to identify the realities of a situation- most of us do this in our heads but there are times when it is good to physically listen. Cast your mind back to movies where lead characters pace up and down whilst speaking aloud! I think there’s actually a case for taping your thoughts and playing them back later to see if you still agree! It is worth recognizing that once things are out of your head you can let them go, so equally you can write things down to free your mind. You can also erase recordings so that no damage is done; quite a good tool for people with anger issues and it is better to have a rant into a recorder rather than at a person.
Returning to plants, they are living matter which serve several clearly defined purposes, a by- product is that they cheer us up, so why not talk to them, especially if they are ‘living at home!’ Like everything else they have to be cared for.  They need to be fed at the right times of year, watered reqularly, re-potted- quite a bit of care really so you may as well chat whilst you tend to them, when you think about it it’s common sense and definitely won’t do any harm.
Sometimes people have a favourite tree and this is quite a good idea especially for those who don’t have gardens. We all need a space to relax in outdoor space and the fresh air is vital for our well-being. To find a nice tree that you can sit beneath, or even a bench in an attractive area of the park is quite beneficial. If you go somewhere regularly it helps you to appreciate nature more as you observe seasonal changes and allow natural beauty to register within you, so take time really looking at the world around and make it part of your ‘living in the moment’ experience.
Suggestion: enjoy and make time for plants- I think that’s the main message, and a little chat might go a long way!

Jaz McKenzie

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